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First gig in 2011

image  Posted by Chito

Band 2 will be playing at the Bassline Station, Ottawa on Friday, August 26, 2011. We will be playing some new covers. Check us out!

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Upcoming Gig

image  Posted by Solly

Come check out Band 2, appearing at Bass Line Station on Saturday, March 27, 2010! Bass Line Station is in the strip mall on Baseline, corner Greenbank. The show starts after the Sens game, around 9:30 pm, but get there earlier to get a table. It's a nice initimate venue and it's gonna be a rockin' fun time.

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Band 2 will be performing live with the docweissband at the Greenfields Pub on August 19th. The show is for the benefit of the United Way Campaign as well as the UJA Federation in Ottawa.

On other news, Jon Routliffe who has been 'around' the band through all the years will now be playing bass.

Welcome to Band 2, Jon! Hope to see you all.

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On to the Finals

image  Posted by Chito @ 05:32 AM

We had a a great time playing last night. Excellent crowd and the music was good! The night started off with some great RnB tunes from the Soul Attractions. They were followed by Richter 6.0, fronted by an old friend, Paul Willson, who did an awesome rendition of AC/DC's "Rosie". Informed Consent was next and then it was our turn. Last to play was Fused who did a couple of great original tunes and will be in the finals together with Band 2.

Thanks to all our old and new friends who came out to see us. Hope to see you all in the final on May 14th!

Check out the video here.

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Chateau Laurier 2007

image  Posted by Chito @ 06:50 AM

We had a blast playing at the Chateau Laurier for the KPMG Party held on December 1, 2007. We did a couple of sets. Our sound engineer did a great job considering that the Ballroom had very high ceilings which tend to make the sound, boomy. All in all a great experience for us.

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