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As long-time friends who first met while working in a high-tech company, Band 2 busted down the doors of the Ottawa rock scene in 1995 with their excellent vocals, catchy guitar lines and a forward driving rhythm section. Over the years, Band 2 has continued to tighten their style, harmonies, and talent through their dedicated effort and has remained enthused with learning new material and exploring new challenges.

Band 2 plays covers of current rock tunes as well as songs from the 80’s and 90’s that provide a mix that packs the floor and present a truly memorable and crowd pleasing show. Their performances are full of energy and extremely engaging to the audience. Band 2 has also performed on many stages all around Ottawa, mostly for benefits, fundraisers, private and corporate functions.

Solly Patrontasch

Aside from taking his occasional turn at singing lead, Solly’s guitar also provides the sound curtain for the band. His provision of the important musical filler, ensures that the band sounds musically full, without any holes. Solly’s greatest pride however, is the overall presence of Band 2. We benefit from his subtle leadership, with his direction in both musical and visual presence. When he’s smiling on stage, we know we’ve hit the sweet spot.

Nickname: Solly
Instruments You Play: Guitar backwall, Vocal
Biggest Musical Influence: Hard-driving commercial rock: Aerosmith, Boston, Def Leppard, Foreigner.
Previous Bands: Oh man, at least 10 others since I was 13, most of which got 'out of the basement'.
Present Occupation Until The Band Becomes Famous: Management Consulting Guy.
Fondest Playing Memories: Anytime I take the stage with Band 2 is a fond memory.
What Makes You Unique From The Other Guys In The Band: I'm probably the bossiest.
Something Your Mom Would Say About You: "He's such a nice boy."
Favourite Drink, So Fans Can Buy You A Round: Macallan, of course.
Guitars: Paul Reed Smith Custom 10-top, Parker Fly, Taylor T5, Gretsch Nashville, Ibanez Roadstar, Steinberger L-Series, Jackson USA Soloist, Martin D18.
Amps: Mesa Boogie Lone Star Head with 2x12 Lone Star cab, Fender Silverface Twin Reverb, Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP
Effects: Zvex Box Of Rock, GoudieFX Chorus, Vox Satchurator

Christine O'Farrell

Christine is our leading lady of Band 2. Here’s a gal who’s always been singing, loves party music, and can’t wait to perform. Christine’s performance explodes on stage with her great vocal range and clear reach of all notes. It’s always a treat to perform with Christine, because her dynamic stage presence is always countered by her laid-back, almost timid demeanor during rehearsals. It’s probably just her plan of raising the band’s energy onstage at performance time.

Nickname: Miss Christine
Instruments You Play: Vocals. I'm also enjoying guitar lessons (from my husband).
Biggest Musical Influence: Elton John: entertainer extraordinaire! I saw him at an outdoor concert (Jarry Park) in Montreal in 1986. I remember standing on a biker's helmet so I could get a better view of his piano playing and costume changes.
Previous Bands: Karaoke Queens, Perth AUS
Present Occupation Until The Band Becomes Famous: Service Representative for Scotiabank.
Fondest Playing Memories: Ottawa Super Ex
What Makes You Unique From The Other Guys In The Band: On stage, I tend to shake my booty a bit more than the other guys do... But at practice I'm pretty conservative - just one of the guys.
Something Your Mom Would Say About You: "You play music with a really nice bunch of guys."
Favourite Drink, So Fans Can Buy You A Round: Rickards Red or Stella; G&T is my favorite summer treat.
Gear: My blue binder (holds my cheat sheets, some original material ideas, some poetry, etc...) and an HB pencil. I've been told I'm meticulous.

Chito Salazar

Chito is the ‘sound of Band 2’. With his creative and fluid crunch guitar style, Chito creates the signature music profile of the band, by combining his musical wizardry with his mastery of the wide array of effects he has in his pedalboard. Chito is the ideal lead guitarist. He’s so talented, yet so easy-going and affable, that artistic conflict just isn’t in his bones. He just plays for the pure joy of it. Chito is always musically there, and always dependable on stage.

Nickname: Chito
Instruments You Play: Guitar and more guitars
Biggest Musical Influence: My grandfather. I grew up seeing him play violin. I figured I got some music in me.
Previous Bands: Mo Sayk, Docweissband, Spillback, Feargaill, Kinnexa Cross, Hope Street Band, AC Blues Band, West Triangle Band
Present Occupation Until The Band Becomes Famous: Doing what I have been doing that last 30+ years, working on mainframe applications.
Fondest Playing Memories: Playing at the Scotiabank Place.
What Makes You Unique From The Other Guys In The Band: Just take a look at the picture, can't you tell?
Something Your Mom Would Say About You: "He's a good kid.... when he is asleep!"
Favourite Drink, So Fans Can Buy You A Round: Innis and Gunn
Guitars: Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special, PRS Soapbar SE II, PRS Soapbar SE, PRS Custom SE, Fender Tele 62 RI, Ibanez Artstar AS120, Ibanez PM35-NT, Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin, Prestige NYS Standard, Takamine EG330SC, Martin 00-15
Amps: Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue, Traynor YCV50 Blue with Traynor YCX112 cab, Peavey Classic 30 with Peavey 112SX cab, Fender The Twin, Supro 1624t Dual Tone, Blackheart Little Giant BH5H with Traynor YCX212. Blackheart Killer Ant with Avatar Traditional 1X12 Cab, Polytone Mini Brute IV, ZT Amplifier Lunchbox
Effects: Boss Dimension DC-3, GoudieFX Delay, Lovepedal Eternity, Timmy, ST Turbo Tuner.

Jon Routliffe

Jonathan has been part of Band 2 for many years. He has been a roadie, soundman, sounding board and all around cool guy. One day the band said, 'Hey why don't you play bass?' Jon said yes, so bought his bass and started to learn.

Nickname: Jon
Instruments You Play: Bass
Biggest Musical Influence: The Beatles, The Teaparty, The Surf Coasters
Previous Bands: This is my first.
Present Occupation Until The Band Becomes Famous: IT Manager
Fondest Playing Memories: My first show (also my only one, so far).
What Makes You Unique From The Other Guys In The Band: I am still at Accenture.
Something Your Mom Would Say About You: About time he showed some talent. :)
Favourite Drink, So Fans Can Buy You A Round: Moosehead
Bass Guitars: Ibanez GSR 200
Amps: Whatever the previous bass players have left behind.

Mike Clarke

Mike is our resident pro. He’s been around so many different bands, with so many different musical styles, that we get to benefit from all his great cross-training. Mike’s technical fundamentals are unbeatable. He keeps the band steady, his timing is fantastic, and he shines through like a soloist when he needs to. Mike is a seasoned percussionist who is at the top of his game, and definitely, one of the best around.

Nickname: Mike
Instruments You Play: Drums and yelling!
Biggest Musical Influence: Spillback
Previous Bands: Hospital Zone, Bedlam Strokomotive, Siobhan, Tim’s Mit, Man Overboard
Present Occupation Until The Band Becomes Famous: Man Overboard and building bathrooms.
Fondest Playing Memories: Siobhan actually getting more sober during one gig in Kingston.
What Makes You Unique From The Other Guys In The Band: I make the most noise without requiring any electricity!
Something Your Mom Would Say About You: ‘Bout friggin time he got married!
Favourite Drink, So Fans Can Buy You A Round: JD
Gear: Some cymbals (a couple of cymbals that even get smushed together!), a drum with curly wires on the bottom, a smaller drum, a slightly bigger drum and two even bigger drums that sit on the floor! All are noisy!