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Posted by Chito on 

We had a a great time playing last night. Excellent crowd and the music was good! The night started off with some great RnB tunes from the Soul Attractions. They were followed by Richter 6.0, fronted by an old friend, Paul Willson, who did an awesome rendition of AC/DC's "Rosie". Informed Consent was next and then it was our turn. Last to play was Fused who did a couple of great original tunes and will be in the finals together with Band 2.

Thanks to all our old and new friends who came out to see us. Hope to see you all in the final on May 14th!

Check out the video here.
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Re: On to the Finals

by Chuck on May 03, 2008 - 10:23 AM
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Chito, this was the best performance yet of yours i have seen, when i saw the practice at Solly's house i was thinking .."ok these guys are OK" on wed night i was not looking at the same band.
The energy you guys had was incredible...I was blown away...even sad that you where only playing 3 songs.
I cannot wait to see the finals..if you want me to do more pics let me know, i have a few students that can come and shoot with me.

Christine looked great on Stage and her singing was solid, Solly's singing was great as well and his playing was awesome, Chito your playing as always is legendary, Mike drumming was incredible, one of the best drummers i have ever heard in a bar band and lets not forget Colin, it was not my first time seeing Colin but it was the most energetic Colin i have ever witnessed rocking good bass playing Dude.

PS. Ty for the T-Shirts Pierre was really Jazzed about getting it and I loved it too.